William Bourne

Name: William James-Hirst

Position: TBC

When did you join #TeamRoundheads?

At the very beginning and I’ve enjoyed every session

Did you have any experience playing rugby before? And what attracted you to rugby?

I have experience of playing Rugby Union I played fly half #10 and inside centre #12 for Pocklington WRUFC I grew up in a rugby loving family being welsh it’s in our blood wether its watching or playing one of us was always involved on a Saturday morning, Rugby brings people together.

Why do you think there is a need for Inclusive Rugby?

Rugby brings people together and inclusive rugby allows for a safe space to be created to enable people of all sexualities, genders to be able to comfortable explore their love of rugby without fear of judgmental attitudes and stereotyping .

What have you enjoyed the most about being a Roundhead and what is your favourite memory so far?

Feeling like I fit somewhere and I don’t feel judged. The team are very supportive, friendly. I’m a very shy person and it can take me awhile to feel comfortable in social situation due to passed negative experience but with the Roundheads I’ve felt comfortable from the get go.

What does being part of the Roundheads mean to you?

Everything im proud to be a part of such a positive movement within our city and the club has massive potiental. being apart of the Roundheads is to be part of a much bigger family one that is supportive and accepting of each of us. we all bring something to the table and here at the Roundheads there is something for everyone.

Finally, to anyone reading this who is thinking of joining with experience or no experience playing rugby, but who haven’t yet decided to #ruckwithus, what would you say to them?

Just Come along and give it a try you will only be left wondering what if ? If you don’t. There is no pressure you can join in and step out of anything you not ready to try and we will help you build on your skills as well as encouragement and guidance