Michael Elvy

Name: Michael Elvy

Position: TBD – PR & Social Media Officer

When did you join #TeamRoundheads?

I am a founding membber

Did you have any experience playing rugby before?And what attracted you to rugby?

I played rugby at school (forced) and never particularly liked it, Now I’m 30 and wanted to find something else to do in my life as well as just going to the local

Why do you think there is a need for Inclusive Rugby?

Not everyone feels comfortable playing in mainstream teams

What have you enjoyed the most about being a Roundhead and what is your favourite memory so far?

I enjoy most the being part of the “family” we have created. My favourite memory so far has to be Freshers Fayre at Gardeners Arms

What does being part of the Roundheads mean to you?

Being part of the “family” and the confidence it has given me.

Finally, to anyone reading this who is thinking of joining with experience or no experience playing rugby, but who haven’t yet decided to #ruckwithus, what would you say to them?

Go for it, life is too short not to try your hand at things. you might just surprise yourself.