Luke Headon



When did you join #TeamRoundheads?

First session after the hull uni fresher day at gardeners arms

Did you have any experience playing rugby before? And what attracted you to rugby?

No I didn’t and my friends who I know who joined this inclusive team.

Why do you think there is a need for Inclusive Rugby?

Acceptance cos it’s 2018 now

What have you enjoyed the most about being a Roundhead and what is your favourite memory so far?

Being mischievous with my photo bombs and fouls language but that’s a thing of the past and am a good lad now

What does being part of the Roundheads mean to you?

It’s means i have a new adventure in life instead stick to my 8-5 to every working day

Finally, to anyone reading this who is thinking of joining with experience or no experience playing rugby, but who haven’t yet decided to #ruckwithus, what would you say to them?