Ed Rex

Name: Ed Rex

Position: TBC – The biggest smiler a position?

When did you join #TeamRoundheads?

I joined Team Roundheads from the word go and I have never ever looked back. Its a momentous day in history for me when we had our first meet.

Did you have any experience playing rugby before? And what attracted you to rugby?

I played a little bit in school, which fuelled my passion to play the beautiful game. Unfortunately, my school preferred football. But Ive always wanted to play especially that Im an avid fan of Hull FC and could be found cheering on the sidelines. So, as soon I heard Hull Roundheads RUFC was being set up as in inclusive rugby team, I was in like a shot to pass, tackle and be part of a rugger family.

Why do you think there is a need for Inclusive Rugby?

Two important reasons. Theres definitely a need for a safe and inclusive space in Rugby for the LGBTA_ community who can work together as a team and a family to support each other in competitive sport. Hull Roundheads provide a way for this community to get stuck in whatever your pace, get fit and be proud to be part of a community in a city that needs more LGBTQA+ spirit.

Secondly, I am profoundly deaf myself. Previously, I never felt I could be part of a rugby team due to the fast paced nature of mainstream rugby and rapid communication that left me excluded. Joining Hull Roundheads, everyone has made an effort for me to be included and proactively encourage and communicate with me the nature of whats going on within a training session. So, now I feel especially included and I can go at my own pace without being worried to become the stereotypical rugby player.

What have you enjoyed the most about being a Roundhead and what is your favourite memory so far?

I enjoyed getting to know everyone the most. When i moved back to Hull from London a few months previously, I didnt know anyone here other than my family. I didnt want to go out at midnight to LGBT bars to meet people in extremely loud situations and as soon as I saw an inclusive team being formed, I was astounded to have met so many wonderful people with great team spirit who supports each other no matter what.

My favourite memory certainly has to be when I caught my first ball and proceeded to score a try with everyone cheering on at my first training session. From that point on, I knew I was true hooked!

What does being part of the Roundheads mean to you?

Originally, I first started off with a mission to get fitter and improve my health. Now, its all about being part of a family. We simply cant go a day without talking to each other!

Finally, to anyone reading this who is thinking of joining with experience or no experience playing rugby, but who havent yet decided to #ruckwithus, what would you say to them?

Dont be scared. I was at first but within ten minutes of meeting everyone, I was laughing and joking with them. Just sign up on the website and youll be invited to come to a training session where you can either watch or get stuck in. You can even join us for post training session drinks too, which is a great way to meet everyone.

Soon, you’ll be part of the family.